Why art?

My art practice is an act of assertion, a marking of presence, every single day of my life. It is my way of engaging with the world, people, politics, and this beautiful planet I call home.

I started my life as a creative professional in the world of apparel in India. However, much as I loved being a fashion designer, I found it too confining to only cater to the market. The thrill to me was always in the space of imagination, intellection, possibility, and communication. Several years and a few ill-fittings later, after moving to the United States with my family, I went back to school and studied interdisciplinary art and cultural studies at the University of Washington. My time in academia helped me reinvent myself and notably, add printmaking, surface design, art and art history to my skill and knowledge set. Nearly two years ago, as an empty nester, I gave myself over fully to the artistic process. Or, as Toni Morrison said in her foreword to Beloved, “I convinced myself that it was time for me to live like a grown-up writer: off royalties and writing only” (xvi). In the fall of 2017 I chose to follow the same notion and live like a grown-up artist.

Artist resume here

what will you find on my website?

Mixed Media: My current work in acrylics and newest projects are featured here. Specifically, I am working on a series called “Inspired by Neon,” an idea that was conceived on a visit to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, last year. You can read about the work and its tendrils here.

Digital: I added iPad art to my toolkit last year and find it wondrous for portraiture and digital collages. 

Works on Paper: This page features printmaking, pencil, graphite, ink, and drawings on paper.

Textiles: My affinity to textiles remains as does my affection for artists such as Annie Albers and Louise Bourgeois. Both the works featured here currently deal with themes of immigration, displacement, and humankind’s movements across borders.