Greetings! July news from Namita Paul Studio

Deep dive into acrylics

Namita Paul — July 30, 2019

Working with acrylic paints is a relatively new experience for me; graphite, print, and textiles have been my mainstays thus far. This summer, I decided to dig deeper into the medium and see where the practice takes me. I had started working on this piece earlier this year, after coming back from one of my daily walks with the dog and a desire to capture the gorgeous blue-grey skies and cold winds that marked the day. Boy, did we go through some iterations! At one point, I thought it was done and even gave it a name, “Nocturne.” Turns out, I needed to keep going. At this time, I was also thinking about our changing planet—it’s difficult to avoid the issue especially living in the Bay Area—and our disappearing glaciers and beaches. Ultimately, that’s the voice that came through. You can see how the piece developed here.

Climacteric: My Body, My Home


Acrylic on Canvas

What I am listening to

I get a lot of my inspiration, motivation, and learning from podcasts and thought I would share what got my intellecting gears going this month with you! I invite you to listen to two episodes of On Being (a constant source of soul replenishment for me): The first one, called Tending Joy and Practicing Delight, features Krista Tippet’s conversation with writer and community gardener, Ross Gay. As always, Krista’s discussion with her guests is timely and hopeful. At the very least, listen to Ross Gay’s reading of his essay, “Loitering.” It is indeed, one way to practice delight.

The second episode that is relevant to this post and gave me a lot to think about, particularly in terms of understanding our responses to our changing planet, was Krista’s conversation with Applied philosopher, Jonathan Rowson. Here’s an excerpt from their conversation: “Now, as I understand it, within neuroscience, there was a period of time where people felt that the brain hemispheres were very different. And then there was a period of time where pop psychology got hold of that and ran wild with it and stated saying that your left brain was this, and your right brain was that. And most of it was bogus.” If this commentary on thinking about thinking has piqued your interest, access the full episode here. Enjoy!

What I am reading

Ninth Street Women: Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler: Five Painters and the Movement That Changed Modern Art by Mary Gabriel. Need I say more? 😊

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