Workshop with Heather Wilcoxon

I do love to draw and at Heather’s workshop we did just that. Using graphite, cold wax, ink, the whole day was one of wonderful mark making! We drew with sticks, graphite and charcoal, with eyes closed and open(!), with our dominant and non dominant hands. One of the biggest things the exercises did for me was to help me get out of my head, relax, and just draw. The exercises got me started down the path of looking at marks on canvas and responding to them. Sounds simple, but I didn’t really do that, until I took this workshop.

I highly recommend this workshop!

Leaf drawing graphite and ink by Namita Paul.jpg
'Stormy Weather' charcoal, graphite and ink drawing  by Namita Paul.jpg
exquisite corpse with ink Namita Paul Heather Wilcoxon workshop.JPG